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Writing Great SEO Landing Pages: Tip – Love The Product

When you’re writing search engine landing pages, the aim is obvious – you want the page to rank as high as possible on Google (other search engines are available…), leading to people clicking on it, hopefully leading to conversions and then definitely leading to a happy client.

Happy clients keep paying the bills, they value your service, everything is right in the world.

There are many pages that will tell you how to write the best SEO landing page, the problem is that the advice will change over time as search engines tweak their algorithms.

Ironically, the highest ranking pages for a search on how to write search engine landing pages are from a few years back, the third one was 12 years old at the time of writing. They’ve got the authority but they don’t actually have the latest information. Many of the pages with the best information will be hidden miles down the rankings.

This doesn’t matter.

The key to writing great pages that deliver isn’t knowing exactly how many links to include, or what the ideal word count is or even how to order the headline, though all those matter of course.

Writing Landing Pages – Develop A Genuine Love

The key is to develop a love for the product or service and, most importantly, the company behind it.

Once you have that love it is easy to write a great page because you want it to do well, you feel this is something people need to know about, you are representing the best.

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How do you grow to love a thing that might appear to be quite random, something, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t have the slightest interest in were it not a topic you were paid to write about – a great example being that earlier today I was writing about replacement conservatory roofs. I don’t have a conservatory.

You do your research and you find out all the positives.

You look for independent reviews and people saying what a great company it is, these elevate the company in your mind and also provide brilliant content for the post itself.

Awards are great too, they don’t even have to be awards for the product or company itself, they can be awards related to what they sell.

I write for a Ford dealer so I make sure to include that Fords win awards all the time, Best Car, Best Family Car and the individual models also get great reviews on respected car sites. Again, content with a double purpose, making me more sympathetic towards the dealer and also providing great context that will make the page rank.

Read about the history of the company, how long they’ve been trading, what their ethos is, let the gradual change happen so you start feeling like an advocate for them.

And this change will elevate anything you write.

A landing page has two aims, it has to rank but then it also has to achieve something once it has ranked and people click through.

The page has to portray the business and its product or service in the right way, clearly this is so much easier if the person writing the copy feels a genuine desire to be their advocate rather than just a dispassionate copywriter.

Rather than a page full of fluff, desperately trying to get towards a word count without being repetitive, you will have a page packed full of information that would make you buy what’s being sold. Copywriting is suddenly transformed from feeling like a bit of a con – I’m selling this thing I actually have no interest in – to something more honourable, selling something you wholeheartedly believe deserves to be a success.

Ok, honourable might be stretching the importance of SEO copywriting, but we’re among friends here!

SEO Writing Tip – Think Like A Customer

A further tip is to really put yourself into the mind of a potential customer, empathise with them.

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When I write for a motorhome dealer I start visualising why a motorhome holiday would be so much nicer than a package deal. The freedom, the chance to change plans, the journey being an enjoyable part of the trip.

All this while having the next instalment for a package holiday hanging over me.

When I look at houses online (I’m one of those people always half thinking about moving house), if any have a conservatory  I think how I’d get someone in to remove the glass roof to replace it with a lightweight, tiled one.

Basically, I’m going a little bit mad, developing an obsessional interest in all these topics, but it does lead to more compelling copy.

I’m conscious now that we need a call to action to wrap this up.

What do you believe to be key to writing great SEO landing pages? Let me know in the comments or call me on 077… Actually, don’t call. Just comment.






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