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10 Landing Page Examples

The aim of landing pages is to rank for specific keywords – often long tail keywords. The links below are just a few examples from the many hundreds of these pages I have written.

A good landing page needs to appeal both to the search engine but also the human that ends up reading the page. A page that ranks well but doesn’t engage the user is a failure, so too the page that is brilliantly written but doesn’t appear in the search listings.

10 Examples of Blogs For Clients

Writing blog posts for clients is a highly specialised task. The writer may know little, if anything about the topic – I can’t say I was an expert on airspace development (or breast implants for that matter)… Despite this, the author has to produce informative, compelling copy that is written in a style that matches the business’ overall tone of voice.

Some companies want a very formal tone, others something far chattier, humorous even (I have a blog post that delves into the benefits of humour in blogs). The blog author has to be able to write in the desired style rather than seeking to impose their own interpretation.

The BBC Sport Newsletter

I would love to link to this, but the bloody link has expired. Disgraceful – what do we pay that licence fee for…

Anyway, I’ve added a couple of examples in the image gallery below. These newsletter had superb CTRs and received positive feedback from users.

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Anyone can publish a book nowadays can’t they. Head over to Amazon, upload a file, hit publish – whoosh you’re a published author.

It wasn’t so easy in the past – you had to be able to write and also find a publisher willing to turn your words into a physical product.

I’m not bitter…

Anyway, I’ve written a few books in my time, the one I’m most proud of being The Inside Guide to Training As A Teacher – compared to Bill Bryson no less by The Times.¬†

The publishers also asked me to pen a follow-up – Learning To Terach With A Hangover. Let’s never speak of that book again.

I also have a novel in production.

Jon Barbuti's book is a great read in the Bill Bryson mould.

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