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This section looks nice, but it took about one minute to build. That brings me to the great secret of modern web design…

Expensive developer needed

The best of all worlds

Building a stylish business or personal website is not a huge job, if the quotes are running to thousands of pounds you’re being taken advantage of.

Modern site-building tools have removed the requirement to code every element from scratch. Think of it like recording a TV show – years ago you had to programme the video, a process that required an engineering degree (and then you’d find it had missed the end). Now, you just hit record in the EPG, or go to Netflix and watch on demand.

Modern sites are easier to build but also more robust – they are built from the coding framework of WordPress and tools such as Elementor – trusted by millions of sites – rather than the bespoke code from that guy down the road who’s decent at computer stuff.

By using these frameworks, any design can be made, whether that’s entirely your own creation or a design borrowed from another site (little secret – about 95% of web design is finding stuff you like on other sites and using it as inspiration).

If you want a site that is only a few pages, or just a one-page site, then you’ll be looking at a few hundred pounds. That’s with a blog too, blogs aren’t difficult to add.

A more complex site with multiple pages and maybe log-in or business functionality is going to cost a bit more, but we’re talking very low four-figure sum.

If you require a site that’s going to have 400 million users a day and will have unique functionality, I’d suggest dropping a mail to Silicon Valley (or pay me £100k and I’ll give it a go)



10 Reasons To Consider Me

You won't believe number 7...

1. Affordable

Everyone says they’re affordable, don’t they… In my case, this means a simple site for a few hundred pounds, while a more complex offering will typically be in the £1,500 to £3,000 range.

Get in touch so we can chat through your requirements and I can then send you an obligation-free quote.

2. A complete service

Any website essentially consists of three things – the technical back end, the front end design and then the content on the pages.

My editorial experience, including 10 years in senior positions at the BBC, demonstrates my ability to write compelling websites copy. Why not consider someone who can enhance every aspect of your site?

3. Premium design options

I have pro licences with Elementor, Envato Elements, Adobe, Videoscribe and several other content hubs that suck funds from my business bank account.

On a per-site basis, these cost very little and so you get the benefit of premium design options, including millions of high res images (and videos and sounds should you so wish), at no extra cost. 

The images also greatly enhance any blog posts.


4. Web design skills honed at the BBC

At the BBC,my job for four years was to think about website development – how do users interact with sites, what design trends are coming, how can we rank higher on search… … … 

I could talk for hours on this topic, I could bore you to tears, I could tell you the decisions we made – these decisions agonised over by experts in the fields of UX, back end and front end developers, editorial, marketing and more. I will ensure your site is truly fit for purpose.


5. Helpful advice

Not sure how to select the best fonts? Looking for a colour scheme for the site but have no idea where to start?

There are superb free resources that can help you with every design choice and I can also offer suggestions.

Let’s work together to create the perfect site for your needs.

6. Unlimited small tweaks

It’s perfectly normal to be unsure what fonts or colour scheme you want for the site – you might have brand colours but not know if they will work as a website.

Changing fonts and colour schemes is actually really easy.

 I will happily show you what the site would look like with different combinations selected to help you make an informed decision.

7. Optimised for speed and search

I will ensure your site is as lightweight as possible, loading quickly on all devices so thast it appeals to both users and search engines.

The finished site would also be optimised for search – better still, discuss your search aims with me and I can create a content plan to 


8. Fully responsive

That applies to me and your site.

I’ll reply to queries as a matter or urgency, meanwhile your site will be optimised for all devices.

For most sites, the majority of visits come via phone – I will build a site that is perfectly designed for smaller screens rather than one that looks great on desktop, but scales down badly to smaller devices.

9. Only pay when you're happy

I want you to be happy with your site, to click around the pages and think ‘yeah, that looks good’.

When you’re happy with the site and it’s ready to launch, I’ll reach out a deferential hand and pass you my very reasonable invoice. Not before.

10. Free consultation

How can you be sure I’m the right person to build your site?

By chatting to me, that’s how. Get in touch and we can have a chat via phone, WhatsApp or email. I am happy to provide some free advice, this including a free, bespoke documant detailing what I would recommend for both your site and online presence in general.


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Example modules

Just a few design examples that could be easily modified to fit your site.

Your portfolio

Whatever you create, that can be showcased in a sliding portfolio. Best of all, if you sell bikes, artificial flowers, second hand books and hand cream I won’t even have to change the images.

special event

Countdown to something or other


Fancy Stats

1 %

you can use blocks like this to showcase statistics

1 %

alternatively they could showcase your experience

1 %
more stas

either way, they look great

staff members

a module like this could showcase employees. Good looking bunch aren't they...

Image Gallery

Customers reviews

Customer Testimonials

Your Services #1

We Do This

You might want a visual approach to display your services

We Also Do This

Something like this might be perfect

Your Services #2

We do this

Alternatively, you might want to use icons as part of a text-based design


Thousands of icons are available - and bespoke ones can be made


These could, of course, link through to dedicated pages

And lots of

Ani,ations are also possible

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