Autism Diagnosis: Why Finding Out Shouldn’t Be Bad News

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Wouldn’t it be great if finding out that your child was autistic wasn’t portrayed as a negative. Maybe it varies depending on where you live, perhaps our experience was atypical, I’m willing to be talked round if my anecdotal view is proven to be false (I’d make a terrible anti-vaxxer with that willingness to listen to reasoned argument). What I …

Concern For A Different Child

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1. ‘The eyes though. You have to admit the eyes are unusual.’ ‘He’s got lovely eyes.’ ‘OK yeah, sure. He has lovely eyes, they are just very intense.’ ‘It’s not his eyes, it’s what he focusses on, that’s what you mean.’ ‘You’re right. Staring right at you. I feel like I’m being interrogated whenever I talk to him.’ ‘Hi son, …

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Should I Tell People My Child Is Autistic?

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Should I tell them my son is autistic? That’s a question I have asked myself at times, usually just after he has done something a little, shall we say, out the ordinary. Will telling them explain the behaviour? They’re strangers, does it matter what they think? What are the negatives, what message does it send to my son if I …

Autism and diversity in the workplace

Autism Jobs: Nine Reasons Workplaces Would Benefit From Having More Autistic Employees

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Not enough autistic adults are in full-time employment, you don’t need me to tell you that. It’s a scandal, it’s a disgrace, but it’s not just a problem for those of us with a direct interest in the rights of those on the spectrum. Workplaces with a higher representation of autistic employees would benefit absolutely everyone. Here are, in listicle …

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Autism: Inability + Time And Patience = Ability

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If you have an autistic child you will know that often their inability to complete a task is not because they have an inability to complete the task. They could do the task if only it was made accessible. There is a solution though and it is a simple one – time. I’m going to look at one example in …

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Autism Quiet Hour: Seven Reasons Why It’s Awesome

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Autism quiet hours help us answer a very simple question. Do you want to go to the soft play when there are 37 children per square foot and you’ll be lucky to get parked within six miles? Let me think. Hmm, no not really. Do you want to go to soft play when it’s almost empty, parking isn’t an issue …

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Writing Great SEO Landing Pages: Tip – Love The Product

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When you’re writing search engine landing pages, the aim is obvious – you want the page to rank as high as possible on Google (other search engines are available…), leading to people clicking on it, hopefully leading to conversions and then definitely leading to a happy client.

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Autism Jobs – A Fulfilling Job, Not Just Any Job

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A worrying fact – only 16% of autistic adults are thought to be in full-time employment in the UK. In case you’re wondering what the overall figure is for adults in full-time employment, it’s well over 60%. The Tories might be intent on taking us into full blown economic winter but full-time employment rates aren’t set to fall to one …

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Instead Of Autism Hour Why Not Every Hour?

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Autism hours are a godsend. You won’t hear me say a word against them. The benefits are obvious, making everything from basic resources through to fun experiences accessible to all. Without occasional autism hours it would be impossible for us to visit the cinema, or the aquarium or even the supermarket as a family. We would have far fewer shared …

Autism Jobs: I Worry For My Son, Then I Don’t

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I recorded 30 seconds video of my son’s hands while he built in Minecraft the other day. As you do. The pace of movement was incredible. His fingers darted across the keyboard, choosing objects from the inventory, placing them, choosing other objects, building upwards, adding a sign and typing – near touch-typing, instinctively self-taught. This isn’t to boast. I don’t …

I’ll Fix It Later – Four Words I Loved Hearing

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‘I’ll fix it later’ Usually I’m the the person saying that in our house. It might be the flooring trim that has lifted between the lounge and corridor. ‘I’ll fix it later’. Maybe it’s the fridge which seems to have some sort of small blockage that is causing it to slowly leak, ruining the wood floor (wood floor in kitchen …

Autism And The Hunt For Happiness In Childhood

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Right now, my ears are ringing. We had the TV on, the contestants won the jackpot on Pointless and that led to a high-pitched, ear-drum bursting scream. The clapping and celebrating were the cause, though so much depends on the day, we had watched Pointless many times previously without incident. Little moments like this can make you wonder if your …


Tiger Woods, Obsession and Autism Niche Interests

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Tiger Woods was aged two when he started playing golf. Six months later, he made his first TV appearance – he was on the show for his golfing ability, not just because he was a cute kid. By age five he was winning junior tournaments, by age eight he was settled into a practice routine that would become his norm. …