Sport and search – Analysing Google minute-by-minute trends for Southampton v Man City

In this post, I look at how we can learn a huge amount from just one game.

We can gain insight into who trends on search, why, when and for how long.

We can also see who doesn’t attract interest and start to draw conclusions as to what the audience is using search for during a match.

Later slides focus on how some organisations have the ability to set what trends on search. However, they don’t cash in on this; thought is given as to how they might make more of this opportunity.

In short, and as the data below will demonstrate, we can create fascinating hypotheses by simply analysing the Google trends minute-by-minute search data for Southampton v Man City. (I say simply, but it was A LOT OF WORK).

The match was live on BBC one and with a viewing audience of 5.7 million became the most-watched live Premier League match in the competition’s history. As such, it makes for an excellent case study.

The data studio below (11 pages – controls at bottom of the slides) looks at the surges in traffic and provides insights that any sport editorial department can learn from.

The post builds on the blog post that focussed on the benefits to be had from focussing on short-term spikes in search traffic.

Please note – the data below works on mobile but might be best viewed on a laptop / desktop or other, large screen sizes. The page controls on mobile are also a little way below the bottom of the slides. I apologise for the inconvenience, I know the importance of mobile first. Blame Google.

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