Content Marketing: Making Every Page A One-Stop Shop

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Deciding how much information to include in any post or page can be a key decision for any content marketeer, or indeed author of content regardless of which job title they work under. The issue recently came to the fore as I discussed a blog post with a client, he felt the draft was guilty […]

Writing Landing Pages: Tips To Write Quality Pages Quickly

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When you write landing pages to rank on search, there can always be the odd one that takes an age to get just right. Maybe it’s a new client, maybe it’s writing for an area you know very little about, maybe you’re just not feeling it today. Here are six tips to speed up the […]

Writing Great SEO Landing Pages: Tip – Love The Product

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When you’re writing search engine landing pages, the aim is obvious – you want the page to rank as high as possible on Google (other search engines are available…), leading to people clicking on it, hopefully leading to conversions and then definitely leading to a happy client.