Who Knew Alexis Mac Allister Was So Popular – Delving Into World Cup Data

Who knew Alexis Mac Allister was so damn popular? Not me. To be 100% honest I didn’t even always remember his surname was two separate words until some time mid-November. I know he seems like a nice guy – that’s evident in the genuine joy both from him and his team-mates as he returns to […]

Improving Live Event Coverage Online By Analysing Minute-By-Minute Traffic

In this post I’ll look at how studying minute-by-minute website traffic can help shape live event coverage, using the example of Australia v England in the Ashes. When I joined BBC Sport as an online production sub-editor, my parents, while excited, thought this wasn’t a job fitting for my level of magnetic personality and charm. […]

Sport Sites: How To Get Traffic When There’s No Sport…

How can sport sites maintain traffic when there is no sport? Live sport is what drives sport sites – the scores, the action, the analysis, the post-match quotes, the opinions and colour. Yes, there is also sport news but let’s be honest, it can be pretty dull when there is no live sport for an […]

Content Marketing: Making Every Page A One-Stop Shop

Hand on businesswoman using copy machine

Deciding how much information to include in any post or page can be a key decision for any content marketeer, or indeed author of content regardless of which job title they work under. The issue recently came to the fore as I discussed a blog post with a client, he felt the draft was guilty […]

Writing Landing Pages: Tips To Write Quality Pages Quickly

Woman typing

When you write landing pages to rank on search, there can always be the odd one that takes an age to get just right. Maybe it’s a new client, maybe it’s writing for an area you know very little about, maybe you’re just not feeling it today. Here are six tips to speed up the […]

Writing Great SEO Landing Pages: Tip – Love The Product

scrabble tiles with SEO

When you’re writing search engine landing pages, the aim is obvious – you want the page to rank as high as possible on Google (other search engines are available…), leading to people clicking on it, hopefully leading to conversions and then definitely leading to a happy client.