Autism: Free Web Marketing Help

Our eldest son is autistic and has PDA. I appreciate the efforts of any organisation promoting autism awareness and acceptance, or doing their bit to help through schemes such as autism friendly hours.

If you want any help to make your site or content more visible or just general web advice, get in touch and I'll help for free. This is offered as a personal thank you for the work you're doing

let me help you

Fill in the contact form, give me a few details and I will happily do some free work for you to help your site achieve its aims.

If your organisation focusses on autism awareness or acceptance, or you offer services that benefit autistic adults or children then I will happily do some voluntary work for you.

If, for example, you have autism quiet sessions or special events for autistic children, I can write the web copy.

If you need general web advice, just ask. If you need a site building I can do that too - the only expense in that case would be to cover costs, the cost of the domain, or site theme for example (these provided at cost, as shown by full receipts).

Whatever it is - from a site design and build, down to general advice on how to write for the web, please just ask.

A bit about me

20 Years' Experience

I have been creating online content for almost 20 years, initially helping small sites to achieve enormous growth before working for the BBC for a decade.
I have written for the web, edited, devised concepts to achieve high traffic growth and also worked in editorial development and editorial analytics.

Working to your goals

Tell me the aims of your site and I can bring new focus that helps you achieve these goals. My suggestions, tailored to your individual company and needs, do not require additional staff or a website rebuild. My aim is to take what you already have – the staff, the site, the resources and make them work that not more efficiently.

Understanding website behaviour

I have had the luxury of time and resource to study content in depth and ponder big questions such as 'how are people using websites, what do they want and how do we attract, and keep visitors.' The BBC has a lot of employees, it can afford to have people in development roles. Most companies can't. That's where I come in - I can provide the insights it took me years to research for the BBC in a matter of days, tailored to your specific needs.

Imparting Knowledge

My work is never a criticism of existing practices. I have had the luxury of time to study websites, user behaviour and web analytics – most don’t get this opportunity. My approach works for anywhere that produces web content with a purpose – whether that is to get more local business, to attract a certain type of user to the site, or to rank high for searches. The advice I provide can then be continued, ideas taken on by existing staff members. In a few days, I can make a radical difference to how you see your website.