About me

“Jon held a number of senior editorial positions within the BBC and excelled in them all. He can plan editorial content, write and also enhance any existing content on site.
“Jon is a highly talented writer and sub-editor and can also plan editorial content and lead on projects. One particular highlight was the wonderfully engaging newsletter he produced for our BBC Sport’s Olympics coverage.
“He demonstrates superb attention to detail.”

Ben Gallop

Editor, BBC Sport

10 things worth knowing


I led an analytics team, I know about SEO and website development, but my core skills are writing and editing.

My biggest achievements involve copy – from writing and editing copy seen by millions through to becoming a published author.

It was my writing that saw the BBC hire me first to edit the homepage and then for senior editorial positions.


I am used to pressure and delivering when the highest standards of grammar and accuracy are required.

Let’s just say when you work on a site that gets tens of millions of users per day, if you make any errors you hear about them…


I can sell the sh-t out of your service or product. My job on the BBC Homepage was to create small adverts and promos to grab attention for the broadcaster’s marketing priorities – these ranging from obscure documentaries through to Strictly and The Apprentice. Everything was tracked – click through rates. whether users paused and more


I don’t want to spend ages talking abot SEO because, frankly, it’s quite a dull topic. However, I have worked as a copywriter for an SEO agency and have made all manner of pages rank top of Google.  For those who need webcopy to rank, this means your pages are prominent, but also that they are well written, and engaging. They work both for Google bots, but also real people.


I don’t have dozens of clients. My CV is a little different.

Most of my experience is writing for organisations who only employ the very best writers – and this gave me a good living and tonne of satisfaction.

Now, though, I want to share those skills more widely.

My client count is easily bettered, my writing credentials are not. 


I only work on projects whereby I genuinely want the company to succeed so I can get fully invested in the process. Good projects for good people.


All copywriting for autism charities or related to autism awareness in some way is offered for free. Both my boys are autistic, so improving awareness and acceptance is a passion of mine, some free copywriting is my small way of helping.


I am quick – but accurate.

As chief sub editor at the BBC, I would have mere minutes to edit lengthy features – spotting any errors and also improving the writing as required.

I have written headlines for huge breaking news stories read by millions – the headlines have to gain reader attention but also be 100% free of errors each and every time.

By entrusting me, you get a superb writer and also world-class copy editor and proofreader all in one.


I do not charge extra for revisions – frankly, the idea that some copywriters do charge for edits is baffling to me.

If you employ me, then it is my job to produce copy that meets your satisfaction (and I think it will).

If you’re not quite sure, if you think it misses the mark then it is my duty to give it further thought. 

Charging for revisions also demonstrates a lack of confidence, an expectation that it might go wrong. 

Think of me like a trusty Kia – they offer 10 year warranties because it’s rare for things to actually go wrong.


I understand content formats and which ones to use in different situations. Take lists for example, they create a nagging need for the reader to complete, creating almost a gamification of content.

Often the final point is far from being the most important, but people still read to the end. Just like you have.

My services


With 20+ years experience writing for the BBC, national media and business, I produce copy that makes the impact you seek.

Copy editing

As a former chief sub editor I have edited millions of words, improving copy for accuracy, meaning and flow. Worried your existing copy isn't doing its job? I can help.

Website copy audit

Want an expert eye to be cast over your website, with recommendations made relating to tone and style?
Not sure where to start with the words on your site - you suspect the text isn't perfect but aren't sure why?
I can give your site an audit and provide a full written report based on decades of experience. in online media.

Writing for search / S.E.O

Do you need copy specifically to rank for terms relating to your business or project?
I have SEO expertise, this including an ability to research keywords related to your niche. However, I also passionately believe that the copy has to work on two levels - both to rank and engage the reader. I ensure both are achieved.

Newsletter creation and curation

I launched and then managed two newsletters while at the BBC, including one for the Olympics with a six-digit D-list. Always engaging and informative, we achieved click-through rates double the expected average.


Proofreading can vary from simply spotting typos and grammatical errors through to making suggestions for style, tone and meaning. Let's discuss your requirements - fast turnaround available.

Informing, not pleading

Kittens are good at pleading, it’s probably what they are best at. Their eyes are stupidly big, the sounds they make are designed to be on a similar frequency to the cries of a human baby.

Pleading works for kittens, but it’s both undignified and ineffective when we try to do it. 

However, you see this in copy, you see the advert or the blog post that is pure pleading. Please use me… here are some unsubstatiated claims that we hope will persuade you. Look at our eyes, see how big they are.

I know that informing is key, not pleading. Copy must be enaging, it must be enjoyable to read, but it must also answer questions, put minds at ease and persuade.

This is the aim of my site, I want to inform you about me and why I believe I can help you by providing copywriting services. However, I’m not going to plead or make silly noises or false claims – and I know that this also applies to the copy I provide on your behalf.